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Personalized Care

Delivering individualised care to make sure your particular requirements are addressed, to enhance your general wellbeing.

Affordable Pricing

Offering reasonable price points can make it possible for people on fixed incomes to live comfortably.

Near You

Our close proximity to our seniors in Vancouver guarantees their convenience, individualised attention, and access to neighbourhood services, improving their quality of life.

About us

Experience exceptional home care and elderly care services with Live Peace 24/7 Seniors Care Corp, a leading and compassionate provider based in BC. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering the highest quality senior care services, ensuring your loved ones can live with dignity, respect, and peace of mind.

best In house care of senior citizens in Lower Mainland, British Columbia

Lets Share Smile Together!


Senior care companionship care in vacouver,canada.

To enhance the mental and emotional wellbeing, Our devoted companions interact with our clients through activities and conversations, enhancing their quality of life by providing companionship.

Diet and Nutrition

live-peace-seniors-24-7-care-vancouver-house-keeping. BestNutritional care in vancouver,canada .

Our skilled dietitians design personalised meal plans that are specifically customised to their individual dietary requirements.  To ensure that you receives the nutrients required for optimum health and wellbeing!


Housekeeping By Live peace seniors, vancouver canada

To assist our clients in maintaining a tidy and organised living , Our qualified housekeepers undertake all cleaning, laundering, and organising tasks so that our clients can relax in a tidy, comfortable home without exerting themselves.

Medication Care

Live peace seniors, Senior care Medication care in Vancouver, Canada

We Offer Medication Management Services to make sure that our clients take the proper prescription at the appropriate time, boosting their general health and wellbeing.

Weekly Blogs towards a better Living!

Providing enlightening blogs and materials on senior care, wellness, and health. It aids in our clients’ decision-making, keeps them informed of Health Related news, and gives them access to life-improving advice and ideas.

Spreading Awareness

Live peace seniors, Old woman reading book, senior care educational blogs
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We give attention and spread awareness to almost every Aspect of Senior care and Challenges that comes with it!

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